Over the four days of the conference, you will take part in a range of activities which will equip you for Christian leadership and to teach God's Word. 

The conference starts on Friday night with an all-in group session and finishes on Monday afternoon. Across Saturday and Sunday you'll meet twice a day with your strand group, attend training workshops, and hear Bible talks from David Cook who will model what you'll be learning in your strand groups through his preaching. You'll also get some free time over the weekend to mingle with other delegates.

More details, including the Engage '22 program, to come later this year.




This is the heart of Engage – you’ll be part of a small group where you’ll be taught a model that will help you understand and teach the Bible for years to come. You will work through material specific to your ministry and staged over 5 years. You will have opportunity to work on and present your own Bible study (or talk) and receive constructive feedback.



There will be a range of workshops led by expert practitioners in their field, equipping you with particular skills to take back to your church.



You’ll hear great Bible talks that will model what you’ll be learning in your training groups, as well as bringing you face to face with the living God through his word.