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Strand groups are the heart of Engage.


Engage is first and foremost a training conference. You’ll be part of a strand group where you will learn a model that will help you understand and teach the Bible for years to come. You'll meet once to twice per day in your strand groups to work on writing a Bible study or talk, which you'll present to your strand group at the end of the conference.

The Engage material is staged over five years. Each year aligns with the strands taught at the AFES National Training Event (NTE) and the NextGen training conference. Any strands you have completed at these conferences will be recognised at Engage.

You can take what you learn at Engage and apply it directly to your Christian ministry context - whether that's with kids, youth or adults.

Find out more about each strand below.

In  Strand One you'll build the foundational skills to understand, apply and teach a Bible passage from the New Testament.

New Testament

In  Strand Two you'll delve into an Old Testament passage and learn the Biblical Theology model that will help you teach the Bible to others.

Biblical Theology



In  Strand Three you'll learn how to understand and explore what the Bible says about any given topic by focusing on Systematic Theology.

Systematic Theology


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Christian Ethics

In Strand Four you’ll learn and put into practice a Christian ethical framework that will help you understand how Christians can approach ethical issues.

Christian Ethics


In Strand Five you’ll build on the strands you've completed and explore how to teach a book of the Bible in a sermon or talk series by studying one book of the Bible in detail.

Developing a teaching series


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